The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential and professional consultation, assistance, education and referral service for personal problems related to stress, family, marital, emotional disorders, drugs and alcohol, financial, legal, gambling or other personal problems. EAP helps you solve these problems before they negatively affect your health, relationships or job performance.
The EAP offices are located in the Stratford, CT plant as well as the Troy, AL and West Palm Beach, FL planand at Union Hall. Our regular hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. We also work to accommodate all 3 shifts with scheduled appointments.
Remember, EAP is always private, voluntary and confidential as allowed by law. EAP is designed to allow employees and immediate family members to resolve problems in an environment of understanding and strict privacy. All matters and records of your participation in EAP services are held in the strictest of confidence and privacy as allowed by law.
This is YOUR program when and if you need it. Help is just a phone call away.
Meet your EAP Professionals below

Jeff Cascarelli (CT)

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Call Now: 203.386.5942

Archie Hunnicutt (CT)

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Call Now: 203.386.3516

Anthony Kilpatrick (AL)

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Call Now: 334.807.8484

Miles Brochyus (FL)

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Call Now: 772.215.8836

How EAP Works

ASSESSMENT: The most important step in the EAP process is to determine the nature and extent of your problem. It is always in your best interest to consult with your EAP coordinator before making any treatment choices for you or a family member. Once you have had the opportunity to discuss the nature of your problem your EAP coordinator will generally recommend a course of action for you. This can range from a single, on-site session to intensive treatment, depending on the seriousness and complexity of the issue. The decision to accept recommended treatment is entirely yours. In most cases, the EAP professional staff will be able to provide appropriate short term counseling. When a referral to an outside treatment facility, physician or other healthcare professional is necessary, the EAP staff will assist you in determining the appropriate resource and coordinating referral and treatment plans.
REFERRAL: Union officials, stewards and supervisors often become involved in the EAP system when someone either asks for help or when an apparent pattern of behavior indicates that some personal problems may be affecting the employee's ability to function on the job. An EAP referral may be initiated in the hopes of preventing further deterioration.
FOLLOW-UP: A follow-up "support system" is available to employees to enhance their day-to-day recovery. The process includes workplace re-entry consultation, tailored self-help support groups and individual counseling sessions, as needed.
OTHER RESOURCES: We realize that some people are more comfortable with options other than EAP. For more information you can contact Value Options EAP 24/7 at (800)288-0882 or Connecticare EAP 24/7 at (888)946-4658. For more self-help information or to contact a help organization directly, use the links provided.

Benefits Numbers

Hewitt: 1.800.243.8135
AD&D: 1.800.238.2125
COBRA: 1.800.243.8135
CIGNA Dental: 1.800.882.7701
Disability Claims: 1.603.442.7905
Value Options EAP: 1.800.288.8802
CIGNA Life Ins.: 1.800.243.8135
CIGNA Medical: 1.800.882.7701
ConnectiCare: 1.800.251.7722
Value Options - Mental Health/Substance Abuse: 1.800.288.0882
Payroll: 1.866.627.2605
Teamsters Rx: 1.866.888.0103
Medco Help Line: 1.866.544.8643
ExpressScripts: 1.800.369.0675
UTC Savings Plan: 1.800.243.8135
Lockheed Savings Plan: 1.800.444.4015
Pension: 1.800.243.8135
Benefits Assistance: 203.386.4259

Sober Houses

600 Middletown Avenue, LLC - (203)410-0499
Oxford House of CT - (866)808-0681

Elder Care

Below are various agencies around that state that provide leadership and resources to meet the need of the rapidly growing elderly population and to maintain and improve the quality of life and independence of older persons.
Southwest Connecticut Agency on Aging - 10 Middle St, 9th Floor, Bridgeport, CT
Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging - 84 Progress Ln, Waterbury, CT
Community Choices: South Central Region CT - 1 Long Warf Dr, New Haven, CT (203-785-8533) or 764 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT (203-934-7077)
Community Choices: Western Region CT - 1183 New Haven Rd, Naugatuck, CT (203-729-3299)
Connecticut State Agency on Aging - Connecticut Department of Social Services - 25 Sigourney St, 10th Floor, Hartford, CT
Elder Abuse Prevention - National: 800-203-1234, Regional: 888-385-4225 - This program is designed to safeguard people 60 and over from physical harm, mental and emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment and /or financial abuse and exploitation
Health Insurance Counseling, CT - 25 Sigourney St, 10th Floor, Hartford, CT (860-424-5322) - This program gives free information and assistance on Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, long term care, supplemental Insurance and other health insurance benefits

Domestic Violence

Ansonia: (203)736-9444
New Britain: (860)225-6357
Danbury: (203)731-5206
Greenwich: (203)622-0003
Enfield: (860)763-4542
New Haven: (203)789-8104
Torrington: (860)482-7133
Norwalk: (203)852-1980
Hartford: (860)527-0550
Stamford: (203)357-8162
Bridgeport: (203)334-5164

Parental Support

Concerned parents are invited to a free parent support group that meets every 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Life Solution Center located at 36 Old Kings Highway S, Suite 210, in Darien, CT. Meetings are open to parents of teenagers and young adults who have behavioral health and substance abuse concerns. Next meetings are scheduled for March 18th, April 15th and May 20th.
Network with other concerned parents
Get parenting tips and support from professionals in the field
Learn about resources that can help
Build a supportive community
Space is limited. RSVP to Laura Van Riper at Feel free to share.
Laura van Riper, LCSW
Facebook: Laura van Riper, Therapy for Teens and the Young at Heart