Local 1150 established the Benefits Assistance Office in February 2009 with the creation of the Hourly Benefits Coordinator through collective bargaining. The office assists members with dissemination of benefits information, navigation through benefits processes, including claims and hearings, or answers to any benefits related questions you may have. Topics may include medical, dental, prescription drug or vision care, education, pension, retirement, worker's compensation, disability, and savings plan.

Benefits Coordinator

Meet John Santamaria, the Benefits Coordinator at Local 1150. John has offices in the Stratford Plant as well as at Union Hall. John is well versed in all areas of the hourly benefits package, including: Pension, Teamsters Rx, Medical, Dental, Vision Care and more. If you would like to speak with John, stop by his Stratford office or call to make an appointment.
email John at john.b.santamaria@lmco.com
Stratford Office: 203.386.4259
Union Hall: 203.381.9240

Contact Numbers

LMC Employee Service Center: 1.866.562.2363
Hewitt: 1.800.243.8135
COBRA: 1.866.562.2363
CIGNA Dental: 1.800.882.7701
Disability Claims Prior to 1/1/17: 1.603.442.7905
Disability Claims After 1/1/17: 1.800.553.1427
Life Matters EAP: 1.888.562.2243
Life Ins.: 1.866.562.2363
CIGNA Medical: 1.800.882.7701
ConnectiCare: 1.800.251.7722
Life Matters - Mental Health/Substance Abuse: 1.888.562.2243
Payroll: 1.866.562.2363
Teamsters Rx: 1.866.888.0103
Medco Help Line: 1.866.544.8643
ExpressScripts: 1.800.369.0675
UTC Savings Plan: 1.800.243.8135
LMC Savings Plan (VOYA): 1.800.444.4015
UTC Pension: 1.800.243.8135
LMC Pension: 1.866.562.2363