Take Action!

The War On Workers is being waged each and every day. Union members and workers accross the nation need to fight back and TAKE ACTION! Visit the IBT Take Action page and see how easy it is to fight back. Click the link or picture to visit.

Political Action

Politics may be distasteful to some, but there is no denying how heavily politics and politicians affect our lives each day. It is important for us to be educated and to exercise our right to vote in each election. Visit our page and get educated about election candidates or contact your representatives. Click the link or picture to visit.

Mentoring Program

Our nationally recognized Career Pathways Union Mentoring Program brings high school students into the factory to learn what it means to be a union worker in America and to see what it takes to build the world's finest helicopters. Visit our page to learn more about this AWARD WINNING PROGRAM. Click the link or picture to visit.

Veterans Caucus

The Teamsters Veterans Caucus (TVC) Connecticut Chapter 1 exists to serve those who have served us. Our Veterans have given so much and very often need so much. Visit the TVC page to see how we are helping Veterans and how you can get involved. Click the link or picture to visit.

Teamsters For Tomorrow

Teamsters For Tomorrow is the Teamsters Youth Movement. You are the future of the union and Teamsters For Tomorrow is how you can help shape that future. Visit the T4T page to see how you can get involved today and BE WHAT TOMORROW NEEDS! Click the link or picture to visit.


Want to know what's going on with Teamsters members around the country? Visit the Teamster Nation News page where you can read the latest headlines or listen to the weekly PODCAST. From the picket lines to the contract negotiation table to community action, hear it all right here. Click the link or picture to visit.