The Union Hall is open for business during the Coroanavirus pandemic. However, in order to keep everyone safe, we are asking members to call ahead and make an appointment before visiting. This will ensure that we are practicing social distancing protocols.

This page was last updated on: May 26, 2020 at 4:00pm
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Information on Executive Orders issued by CT, FL, AL, MD Governors can be seen using the "EXECUTIVE ORDERS" link above


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Brothers and Sisters,

As the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country the need for information becomes more critical. The union has been working for the past week and a half with the company to establish guidelines for employees to follow in certain situations connected to the outbreak.

It is important to remember that this situation is fluid and changing, sometimes on a daily basis.

The information on this page will be updated as needed. We are in continuous contact with the company and are monitoring local and federal government guidelines and will adjust our communications accordingly.


Don’t Perpetuate Rumors! If you hear of a situation in the shop, do not spread the rumors. Call union hall and report what you have heard and let us get the facts. Rumors don’t help anything.

Beware of SCAMS! There are many email, internet, television and phone scams circulating about possible cures, vaccines and treatments. Do not fall victim to these scams. Follow CDC and World Health Organization guidelines.


UPDATED 4/14/20

The temporary adjustments to the attendance policy listed below are for employees who have a need because of the Coronavirus outbreak. DO NOT ABUSE THIS – IT IS ONLY FOR COVID-19 CONNECTED SITUATIONS. We have an obligation to continue producing our product to the fullest extent of our abilities and we SHOULD NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS IF WE DON’T NEED TO.

The Company has established SAP pay codes specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new pandemic absence codes will apply under the following scenarios:

Employee elects to self-isolate but not sick nor directed by the Company
• Request should be submitted in writing to leadership
• Leadership informs LR Rep
• LR Rep will load unpaid entitlement code into SAP
• This scenario requires a 7-day consecutive No Points No Pay absence

Employee has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 (direct or indirect exposure)
• Supervision completes the four COVID-19 questions and sends email to GEOC with Dr. Campbell, Lea Sampiere and LR Rep on copy
• If directed by Company to self-quarantine, utilize paid absence code
• LR Rep will load paid entitlement code in SAP

Employee has a childcare/dependent care or other hardship and cannot report to work. UPDATED
• Employee must submit hardship in writing to leadership for review
• Employee will be required to exhaust all remaining personal time
• Director level approval is required to utilize paid entitlement code for up to 80 total hrs.
• This leave can be used intermittently (non-consecutive days) in 8 or 4 hour increments up to the 120-hour maximum.
• Leadership required to share hardship and approval decision to LR Rep
• If hardship is approved, LR Rep will load paid entitlement code into SAP

Employee has a childcare/dependent care hardship and requests a work shift accommodation
• Employee will be required to submit a hardship request for shift accommodation to leadership for review and approval
• Leadership should consider accommodating as applicable with a specific end date
• Notify LR Rep to process JAR
• Supervisor to adjust work schedule in SAP


COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act recently became law in the U.S. and requires health plans to cover COVID-19 testing and related medical office, urgent care and emergency room costs without cost-sharing to covered individuals.

• All Lockheed Martin health plans in the U.S. will cover COVID-19 diagnostic testing per CDC guidelines and related services free of charge for employees and family members who are enrolled.
• In addition, Lockheed Martin health plans will temporarily cover COVID-19 related telemedicine services free of charge for employees and family members who are enrolled.
• For additional information such as how to register for telemedicine services or to learn more about covered COVID-19 diagnostic testing services, please contact your medical carrier by calling the number on the back of your health plan identification card, or by visiting their website. More information will be communicated as it becomes available.
• Employees who are citizens of countries other than the U.S. will need to consult local country laws and benefit plan provisions.


• Communication to employees stating that a positive test was confirmed.
• The employee would be spoken to by medical and asked a series of questions such as how long they have been symptomatic and who have they been in contact with since that time.
• The employee would be asked to retrace their steps within the facility since the symptoms began.
• The company would conduct a thorough cleaning of the areas. Deep cleaning service is on-call.
• Operations would not resume in those areas until the cleaning was completed.
• Impacted employees would be directed to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days and would be paid by the company using one of the new pay codes.
• Anyone who was in contact with the employee and is experiencing symptoms would be recommended to be tested.
• A positive test result must be reported to the Department of Health and any other appropriate agency.


The Facilities team has increased standard cleaning processes that now include the cleaning and/or sanitizing of common area hard surfaces on a daily basis to include items such as handrails, door handles/knobs, elevator buttons, faucets, etc. as a precautionary measure.

Employees can help protect themselves by following basic protocols to reduce the spread of any virus as outlined by the CDC. Links to the CDC and other information are available on the COVID-19 communications website.

While on-site at a Lockheed Martin facility, pay close attention to daily activities—things we do without thinking about it—and be diligent about prevention techniques. A few pertinent reminders include:

Clean your hands often. Pay attention to what you touch through the course of your day, especially in common areas or manufacturing spaces when sharing tools and equipment. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoid unnecessary contact with others. Consider telcons or VTC options rather than face-to-face meetings. Stagger breaks and shifts where possible. Limit your extraneous movements around a site, especially through open areas where many people are working.

Stay home if you’re sick and follow your medical professional’s advice on how to receive medical care.


For real-time support related to COVID-19, employees in the U.S. may access this resource by phone at