As we approach the expiration of Contract 2018, we are beginning the process of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement that will cover members in Florida and Connecticut. Please visit this page for the latest updates on the progress of these negotiations.

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December 8, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

The Union and Company have reached a tentative agreement on Contract 2023. The Union will take the next week to review the more than 60 pages of changes that have been made to our collective bargaining agreement through these negotiations in preparation for a ratification vote.

All members are urged to attend the ratification meetings on December 18th detailed on our Meetings page, hear the presentation and cast your vote.

This has been a long and difficult process that culminates with every union member having their voice heard through the ratification vote. We look forward to seeing you all there.

December 6, 2022
The Union and the Company are headed down the home stretch. The parties resumed negotiations today hashing out the last outstanding issues of Contract 2023.

A great deal of discussion took place over wages, retirement benefits, restructuring initiatives and the Voluntary Separation Option, which remain unresolved.

Tentative agreements were reached on increasing the cap on COLA, improvements to vacation eligibility for new hires, increases to the matched contributions in the Individual Medical Account (IMA), the addition of a new wage adder for certified crewman, and a new Parental Leave benefit.

Other tentative agreements reached today were an increase to automatic wage progressions and inversion / expansion of the wage scales.

Negotiations will continue tomorrow. Please continue to follow these updates daily.

December 1, 2022
The Union and the Company spent the past two days exchanging proposals and counter proposals on a variety of economic issues, including wages, healthcare, retirement benefits and a Voluntary Separation Option package. The parties remain distant on some of these issues, but have made progress throughout the week.

The parties are close to tentative agreements that will improve vacation time for new hires, improvements for flight certified workers, and automatic wage progression.

Tentative agreements have been reached on language that provides premium pay for workers who are required to report to work during plant closures, increased minimum raise on promotions, as well as portions of the healthcare package.

Negotiations will continue next week.

NOVEMBER 29, 2022
After a holiday break, the Union and the Company resumed negotiations today, beginning the process of bargaining over hard economic issues.

The Union passed its full complement of economic proposals to begin the day, which included proposals for significant wage increases, elimination of the Tier 2 wage scale, removal of limitations on COLA, the addition of three paid holidays per year, premiums for employees required to report during plant shutdowns, increases to automatic wage progressions and minimum raise on promotions and a parental leave benefit.

Other union proposals include reducing service time requirements for reaching vacation eligibility thresholds, increasing the credits for safety equipment, inversion of the labor grade structure and adding 3 new labor grades, enrolling Tier 2 employees into the existing pension benefit, annual increases to matched Savings Plan contributions, increases to IMA contributions, increases to flight status wage adders, a comprehensive VSO package, a healthcare package that transitions to AllegiantCare in 2024, increases to Disability, life insurance and T&PD payments, and increased opt-out insurance payments.

The Company plans to make counter proposals on all of the Union’s proposals tomorrow.

Please continue to follow these updates daily.

NOVEMBER 17, 2022
The Union and Company continued negotiations today with a lengthy session in which we discussed the Union’s proposal to transition Tier 2 employees into a Teamsters defined benefit pension plan.

The pension administrators attended the session to explain the plan and benefit and answer questions that the company had.

The parties will recess through the Thanksgiving holiday and will meet again on November 29th when the Union will pass its full economic package of proposals.

Please continue to follow these updates as we continue to negotiate.

NOVEMBER 15, 2022
The Union and the Company met again today to begin discussing the issue of health and welfare benefits. The Union brought in AllegiantCare for an in depth presentation on the benefits that they offer. AllegiantCare is a non-profit, union company that can offer an enhanced benefit at comparable cost.

The day was spent clarifying information and answering questions on the issue of healthcare.

Wednesday will be an abbreviated day so that the Union can hold its monthly membership meetings in Connecticut. Please plan to attend for more detailed updates.

The rest of this week will be spent on numerous presentations leading up to negotiation of the major benefits package.

NOVEMBER 9, 2022
The Union and Company continued negotiations today, essentially finishing with non-economic issues. Discussions continued over “reasonable suspicion drug testing”, which the Union made clear it is not in favor of due to the inability to discern between casual use and impairment.

Tentative agreements were reached on the Attendance Policy and Perfect Attendance, Arbitration, a Letter concerning Powerhouse employees, Subcontracting, Salary performing Hourly work, Job Misclassification grievances, and organizing of other workers.

The parties will begin to discuss economic issues on Thursday, with a discussion concerning hourly job descriptions.

NOVEMBER 8, 2022
The Union and Company reconvened today to continue negotiations, making more progress on non-economic issues. The parties agreed to make every effort to complete non-economics tomorrow and begin the critical task of negotiating economic issues.

Today, the parties reached tentative agreements on job posting language, pro rata vacation and a portion of the subcontracting language.

Please continue to follow these updates daily.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022
Contract negotiations continued today with the company and union continuing to pass proposals back and forth.

Significant progress was made on non-economic issues with tentative agreements reached on successorship, crossing of picket lines, the grievance procedure, overtime and New Employee Orientation.

The parties will reconvene on November 8th.

NOVEMBER 2, 2022
Contract negotiations continued today with the company and union passing a series of counter-proposals.

The company put forward regressive language concerning the attendance policy, Family Medical Leave and reasonable suspicion drug testing. The parties formed sub-committees to further discuss the issues of drug testing and the attendance policy.

Tentative agreements were reached on reporting pay, shift premiums, special access bonuses, bereavement leave, providing of union representation, and memorializing the Career Pathways Program in our collective bargaining agreement.

The parties will meet again tomorrow for a full day of negotiations.

NOVEMBER 1, 2022
Contract negotiations continued today with the company clarifying portions of their day-one opening remarks and both sides providing responses to initial proposals.

The parties reached tentative agreements that will eliminate the cap on jury service, will enhance personal leave for new employees and will eliminate the perfect attendance disqualifier on personal leave. Other tentative agreements include improvements to the return-to-work protocol for extended medical absence, ensuring best in class training for our ESH Stewards, improvements to temporary transfer language, elimination of the requirement to save vacation time for shutdown, and elimination of limits to paid military leave.

The parties will meet again tomorrow for a full day of negotiations, which will include a union proposal to provide emergency daycare.

OCTOBER 18, 2022

Negotiations for Contract 2023 kicked off today with a full day of discussions. After more than a year of painstaking preparations, the Union Negotiating Committee entered into the most consequential contract talks in Local 1150 history.

Negotiations opened with a presentation on the state of the business given by Sikorsky Vice President of Operations George Mitchell, followed by opening remarks by Chris Midgley, Lockheed Martin Vice President of Labor Relations and Teamsters Local 1150 Principal Officer Rocco Calo.

In his opening remarks, Rocco made it clear to the Company that his membership has taken the brunt of company cost saving initiatives over the past several years and insisted that those days are over. He asserted that the issues that have negatively impacted our membership must be remedied in these negotiations in order to get a handshake.

The Union passed initial non-economic and soft-economic proposals that include improvements to the grievance procedure, will give our members their vacation and personal time earlier in the course of their careers, and will improve outsourcing protections to specifically address what the company has done in VH, Bridgeport cabins and Facilities Maintenance. Other union proposals would levy penalties on the company for payroll errors, increase bereavement leave, improve misclass grievance settlements and vacation pay, provide protections for honoring picket lines, increase the number of paid holidays and improve job posting language. The union brought a total of 51 proposals on day one, designed to improve, protect and preserve the quality of life that members of Local 1150 will enjoy over the life of this next agreement.

The Company also passed initial non-economic and soft-economic proposals that seek to weaken our ability to take time off when we are sick, limit supervisors’ authority in the grievance procedure, would allow you to be charged for overtime when on vacation and explore changing the job evaluation process. The company also proposed changes to the attendance policy, proposed language on parental leave, banking of points and the drug and alcohol policy.

The parties will exchange questions over the next several days to clarify all of these proposals and will meet again on November 1st to respond.

CT members should attend tomorrow’s membership meeting for a more detailed update.